I have experience and represent clients in all areas of Family Law including Divorce, Dissolution, Spousal Support, Child Support, Property and Asset Division, Debt Division, Business Valuation Divisions, Tax Dependency Issues.  Call me today to see how I can assist you during what arguably could be the hardest aspect of your life that you have not been through before.

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Navigating your employment rights, whether working for a small or large company, government or agency, can be very difficult.  If you have been discharged, are seeking unemployment compensation, or feel you have been discriminated against by your employer, you should protect yourself and consult with me to see how I can help.

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I also handle a variety of general practice cases that include civil litigation, contract disputes, buy/sell agreement, personal injury, insurance disputes, and other cases.  Even if your cases does not squarely fit into either Family or Employment law does not mean I can't help you.  Feel free to consult with me on a variety of other issues and I generally can work you to find an equitable result.

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Legal Work is a Team Effort

I involve all my clients in their cases.  It is important clients stay informed and involved in developing a strategy for dealing with their case.  I draw from each client's experience and spend the time necessary to know my clients.  Each client's life and work experience makes the client who they are and is important in ensuring a case stays on course to its ultimate conclusion.  Not all cases are equal, each poses unique strengths and weaknesses.  Clients know this.  Many attorneys do not take the time to know their clients, which, I believe is mistake.  We will work together to find the appropriate solution to your situation.